Friday, September 30, 2011

Super Saturday Session - Fail

Ahhh Bugger. Should be more like

Super Saturday Session: Epic fail of the week.

On my plan I had a 5am start, burn 500cal on the elliptical trainer and then a 1hr jog/walk outside.

5am works for me most days as I feed bubs at 430-ish, settle him and then pop him back to bed. Hubster will usually get him up with him when hes ready to go down stairs at about 6am. Im in love with the 5am starts, it used to be part of my life pre-kidlets the 5am up and go for a walk/jog. Best time of the day!

Last night hubster informed me he would be working a bit later (he was working all night, which I knew about but then had to stay later into the morning) so I would miss my walk/jog.

Ok no worries, Im  a  flexible kinda gal and will  just change that to a gym session. Sorted!

Then both kidlets decided that last night was the night they would boycott sleep. Missy J is usually in bed asleep by 8 at the latest. Last night she was bounding around the house at 11pm. (would love to know who slipped her the red cordial when I wasnt looking!), Mister M. was still up then too and cranky as all hell.
Ok no worries, I can handle this, I will just be tired. Have a nap in the afternoon when hubster is home to watch the ferals. 
Like I said, Im flex-i-bibble folks!

Then the straw that broke my SSS's back. Reflux. How I hate reflux. Mister M was up every hour on the hour screaming his tiny little lungs out and chucking his guts up.
It was such a relief when hubs walked in the door and I could hand him over! So today I have had a nap, a shower (cause I really stunk of baby spew) and a massive coffee (with skim milk of course!).

Ive regained my sanity and have worked out a plan for the rest of this week. Im swapping today and tomorrow. So tomorrow will be my Super Sunday Sesh consisting of 5am elliptical workout, 1hr walk/jog and as a way to be kind to myself and give my mind some much deserved peace, a yoga session at the gym. I know I will burn 1000 cal with the cardio and whatever else i burn at yoga is just icing on the cake :o)

Im LOVING that last night hasnt derailed me. In the past I would have turned to food to deal with the stress I felt. Today, I am turning to planning and tomorrows workout to help me feel better.

Loving it!

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